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Artificial intelligence (AI), also referred to as machine intelligence (MI), is set to transform businesses and the way they operate in today's service delivery landscape.  AI is considered as the future of customer service, and will be driving brand value and loyalty if coupled effectively with Customer Behavioural Analytics (CBA). Customer Experience management will form the cornerstone of customer service and AI innovations offering actionable insights will be needed to do so. 

At QBIC³ Solutions we are able to analyze historical customer interaction data to provide high level insights and predictions of the overall customer behaviour within the customer lifecycle.  Once we have baselined the customer behavioural information (i.e. Patterns of behaviour), associated strategies are developed with our customers to increase the customer service experience from a quality, speed of service and overall cost to serve perspective.  Customer behaviour analytics furthermore form the cornerstone for our customers to adopt and deploy AI Innovations, whilst supported by QBIC³ Solutions to roll-out and measure the success of such initiatives.

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We have skilled contact centre practitioners with over 40 years of local and international experience. Our practitioners are well respected and recognized within the industry for their business acumen, proven delivery capability and agility, leadership and ability to showcase tangible results and business value.

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We have a "No-Shoe" fits all approach to management and contact centre consulting engagements and tailor our solutions to fit our customers ´ needs and budgets.

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Our solutions demonstrate remarkable customer experience (CX) management impacts and rein-in your service delivery costs.

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We transform business through actionable insights which will improve your customer experience.


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