Quality Management

QBIC³ Solutions' quality management framework is based on international best practices and serves as the backbone of quality control elements within the contact center operations of our clients.  Our quality solution has an ability to identify risks and adherence parameters associated with policy-based, procedural-, or compliance based elements of call and contact handling. 

At QBIC³-Solutions we look at three critical quality assurance elements that will drive root cause identification across business critical elements of contact handling procedures namely, business affecting, customer affecting and compliance critical elements.

QBIC Solutions Quality Management

our features

We have skilled contact centre practitioners with over 40 years of local and international experience. Our practitioners are well respected and recognized within the industry for their business acumen, proven delivery capability and agility, leadership and ability to showcase tangible results and business value.

We have a "No-Shoe" fits all approach to management and contact centre consulting engagements and tailor our solutions to fit our customers ´ needs and budgets.

Our solutions demonstrate remarkable customer experience (CX) management impacts and rein-in your service delivery costs.

We transform business through actionable insights which will improve your customer experience.


"Our customer service is regarded as one the biggest benefits to being a justGO customer, QBIC³ Solutions played an integral part in our traini...

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